Woodbridge Schedules – Statement of Financial Affairs FILED APRIL 12, 2018

On April 12, 2018 (the “Schedule Filing Date”), the Debtors filed their Schedules and Statements of Financial Affairs. To view the Schedules, visit the claims agent’s website at www.gardencitygroup.com/cases/WGC.

To determine whether you must file a proof of claim in these cases, you should review Schedule E/F: Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims filed by the particular Fund(s) in which you purchased your Units and confirm that your name, address and dollar amount of outstanding principal related to your Units is properly listed. If you are properly listed on Schedule E/F, you are not required to file a proof of claim.

If, however, you are not listed in Schedule E/F for the Fund(s) in which you purchased your Unit(s) or the information listed next to your name is incorrect, you are required by the Bankruptcy Court to file a proof of claim within 60 days of the date the Debtors serve Notice of the Bar Date. The Debtors have served Notice of the Bar Date by mailing Bar Date packages to all known creditors and have established June 19, 2018 as the last date for filing proofs of claim.  If you are not listed on the Schedules, however, you may not be a known creditor and may not have received a Bar Date package. If you did not receive a Bar Date package, you should go to the claims agent website, download a proof of claim form, complete and sign it and submit the completed version as instructed by the claims agent.

Please note that each Debtor is separately filing its own set of Schedules, which means there are currently over 100 docket entries related to the Debtors’ Schedules.  For your convenience, below is a list of the seven (7) Funds in which Units were purchased and the docket number that corresponds to the Funds’ Schedules (as revised on April 16,2018):

NAME OF FUND                                             DOCKET NUMBER

Woodbridge Commercial Bridge Loan Fund 1          (1272)

Woodbridge Commercial Bridge Loan Fund 2          (1273)

Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund 1                (1274)

Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund 2                (1275)

Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund 3                (1276)

Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund 3A              (1277)

Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund 4                (1278)